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So huh?
Does anyone play korea server?
MH comes back
Mh wieder da :)
GMH, dlaczego wszyscy zbanowani, itp
how can i reach mascara / GMH@Platinum ?
My reply to Soji
READ: History of Globalmartialheroes and RZAAH
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So huh?
Ok so the last message I saw on GMH was they were in the process of getting a new employee LANGZI personally knew and the game was closed for about a few weeks...its been well over a month and when i want to go to www.globalmartialheroes.com it says that link is invalid and I also cant search on google which I used to do...what happened? Did it get permanently shut down? And whats Eternal Heroes? I couldnt answer the anti bot question because I honestly forgot what the max lvl was in MH lol sorr ...
MH comes back
for everybody that doesnt heard it, Mh will be back again on 15.10.13
here is a link to the website of the server Smile
hope to see everyone there Smile
Mh wieder da :)
Wer es noch nicht gehört hat aber ab dem 15.10.13 ist Martial Heroes wieder online Smile
hier mal ein link zu der Seite Smile

Does anyone play korea server?
People still do play, they're just crafty about it as to not invoke the attention of the GMs.

Some strategies to not get banned:

Name your characters with numbers or actually use Korean to name your characters

Don't ever, ever pk anybody or give them a reason to be annoyed at you.

(though bots are plentiful and you can at least snatch a purple bag or two off of them since they aren't offline)

Don't be in anywhere obvious for long (such as VV)

Get leveled up enough that the GMs ...
GMH, dlaczego wszyscy zbanowani, itp
wiem ze minęło długo i nie wiem czy ktoś to przeczyta ale OBT nie ma jeszcze Very Happy Ale gra się juz bardzo przyjemnie większość zrobiona ^^

Smile Greeting to those who still remember me Wink
how can i reach mascara / GMH@Platinum ?
how can i reach mascara / GMH@Platinum ?
any1 able to get him in contact with me?
My reply to Soji
Speedy wrote:

'Aight. I don't want to hide this anymore - to be honest, it's boring me.
So, some of you are doubting the fact I am 23 years old. Those people are right.
No, I don't have 23 years old. But before I move on, yes - I am GMH@Soji from Pandora.
So, currently I have 14 years old. When I was about 11, I managed to "pretend" an adult - I made an application and GM_Dave / GM_Pandora didn' ...
ImNotMonster youtube :)
i hope u like it Smile
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Siemaaaaa :D

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